Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

When it comes time to install new blinds in your home, the choices in material can be bewildering. One of the most popular options however, is aluminum. Aluminum blinds are all purpose and can meet a variety of needs.

The Most Popular Material

Aluminum blinds are the most popular, quality blinds you’ll find. Less expensive than wood, you’ll find aluminum blinds in a multitude of colors. Aluminum blinds can be ordered in larger widths as well; up to 10 feet! Concealed brackets and a finished head-rail ensure that your blinds are beautiful, and more importantly, sag free.

Compared to vinyl blinds, Aluminum is clearly the better choice. They :

  • Block light better
  • Don’t warp in the sun and heat
  • Stop fading
  • Provide privacy
  • More durable

Easy to Operate

The horizontal slats provide control of privacy as well as light, simply by adjusting the angle. Aluminum blinds are also much lighter than some of their counter parts, and can be easily operated with minimum effort. This makes aluminum blinds, especially for larger windows, perfect for seniors or people who might have trouble opening a heavy wood set of blinds.

At Carolina Blinds in Asheville, we offer a wide range of blinds, including aluminum ones. We’ll come to your home and measure the windows ourselves to ensure a perfect fit. We can also arrange the tilt and lift mechanisms on your new blinds to be on either side, so you don’t need to rearrange your furniture to operate your new blinds.

Finding new blinds in Asheville has never been easier with Carolina Blinds.

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