A Great Time At The 2012 Asheville Home & Garden Expo!

The 2012 Home & garden expo was last month, and we had a wonderful time! It was an incredible chance to see all the new offerings in multiple industries and to see what’s hot for 2012. The show floor was packed, and tons of people were mingling among the booths to see what everyone was offering.

Carolina Blinds Makes a Presence!

This year’s show coincided with our 20th anniversary celebration, so we knew we wanted to have a big presence at the show. It’s not every year you can celebrate two decades of business. We decided to showcase at least one of each type of window treatment possible and we had a full display of the products we offer. Special attention was paid to shutters, motorization and specialty shapes. We also set numerous appointments with potential clients interested in window treatments in Asheville.

While we were giving away goody bags to people who visited our booth, the big draw was our raffle. We gave away over $3, 000 worth of window treatments to multiple winners, including a $1,000 blind giveaway.

Our Home and Garden Expo Prize winners are Peter and Kathe Steves,  Ron and Sharon Allen,  Jeff Luce, Linda Brett, Mark Wright and Sally Germanaro. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our booth visitors for making our weekend a great success!

The Asheville Home & Garden Expo

The Asheville Home Builders Association is one of the largest Home Builders Associations in North Carolina and is the 61st largest HBA in the country. They will be presented the 3rd Annual Home & Garden Expo April 21st & 22nd at the WNC Agricultural Center, Davis Arena. The Expo displays products for building, remodeling, gardening, and the knowledge and service from professionals who specialize in these fields.

Real Window Treatment Problems With Real Solutions [Video]

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Only The Best Products For Your Window Treatments In Asheville

If you’re looking for good window treatment products then you’ve found the right place! Our window treatments in Asheville are the best around, and we provide only the best brand names for our customers. Check out all these great products we carry! After all, you want your shutters and blinds to last, and for such durability you need the best materials and brands available! We’ve got all your window needs covered!

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Tips To Good Kitchen Curtains

window blinds in AshevilleFrom breakfast to dinner, and all snacks in between, your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. Most kitchen have a window or two, and for these windows you need good blinds and curtains to give the best feel to your kitchen as well as block out any undesired light. Good window blinds in Asheville can be tough to come by, but we’ve got some of the best, and want to help you by providing some great tips to good kitchen blinds and some notes on when you should replace them.  Continue reading “Tips To Good Kitchen Curtains”

The Difference In Blinds, Shutters & Everything In Between.

asheville window blindsSo, you’re considering some new window blinds, but everyone you’ve talked to has told you you need blinds, shutters, curtains, shades, and everything in between. It can be a little confusing understanding all of these different types of window treatments, but don’t let it drive you too crazy! We’d like to go over a few differences in the major types of window coverings and their main uses. Continue reading “The Difference In Blinds, Shutters & Everything In Between.”