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Director : Alistair Legrand.
Writer : Luke Harvis, Alistair Legrand.
Producer : Ross M. Dinerstein.
Release : January 13, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : NetFlix, Campfire.
Language : English.
Runtime : 104 min.
Genre : Thriller.

‘Clinical’ is a movie genre Thriller, was released in January 13, 2017. Alistair Legrand was directed this movie and starring by Vinessa Shaw. This movie tell story about A psychiatrist tries to put her life back together after a violent attack by seeking to repair the life of a new patient, but he has his own terrifying history.

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A Blind For Every Kitchen

A Blind for Every Kitchen

In most family households, the kitchen is the core and heart of the home; it provides a place for the whole family to come together for a sit down meal and spend some quality time together, as well as being the main storage area for all those tasty treats. It is important however, to keep your kitchen looking fresh, stylish and modern. Using contemporary colors, well-picked kitchen furniture and some hi-tech appliances, you can be sure that your family headquarters is looking good.

Replacing old curtains with stylish, modern blinds is a great way to add a finishing touch which adds to the room’s aesthetic value massively. No matter what style you have chosen to adopt in your kitchen, you can guarantee there will be an option for you which is sure to bring character and class of its own. From modern, contemporary kitchens to classic vintage designs, adding a blind which contrasts with the tone and ‘feel’ of the room nicely will give a fantastic result. Let’s take a look at a few stylish ways to apply modern blinds to achieve this superb finished product.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

If you like the feel of a more traditional, ‘cozy’ kitchen to enjoy your steaming soup in during winter, wooden blinds are sure to add tons of character to your kitchen. With a wide range of different finishes and stains (in both the wood and faux wood range) you can find a style and tone that complements your kitchen perfectly.

If your kitchen features warm colors and soft furnishings such as cushions, place-mats and rugs then the wooden blind look is perfect for you!

Aluminum Blinds

These metallic, modern blinds are perfect for the more contemporary looking kitchen. If you like being on the cutting edge of interior design and only wish to incorporate items which have a modern edge, then the metallic finish on these blinds is sure to bring the 21st century feel you are looking for.

Matching modern styles of chrome kitchen taps, steel cupboard handles, fittings and that must have stainless steel knife set, the aluminum blind is a must have for the contemporary kitchen.

Motorized Blinds

The ultimate in luxurious window treatment, motorized blinds are at the top of the window blind league. If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to close your blinds whilst cooking in the kitchen or sitting down to enjoy a meal with the family, this is certainly the answer.

The easy to use remote control allows for the instant shutting and opening, and with so many colors available, you can be sure there is a perfect match for your kitchen! Simply adjust the blinds wherever you are and impress your guests when entertaining my controlling the amount of natural light you allow in the kitchen without even going near the window!

Adding window blinds is a fantastic way to add character and style to any kitchen; from the classic/vintage kitchen to the modern and contemporary!

About the author-
This article was written by Stephanie Staszko, an experienced blogger on the aspect of creating the most stylish and practical interiors on behalf of Tapshop321 who provide home with high quality taps for the kitchen at great prices!<

Modesty Matters: Using Blinds in your Bathroom to Increase Privacy

luxury big bathroom with red window blinds
Finding new accessories to add fresh style and colour to your bathroom can have a wonderful effect on the room. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour or have a particularly nosey neighbour, bathroom blinds can be practical, stylish and sophisticated.

If you’re considering having a made-to-measure blind fitted in your bathroom then here’s some advice to consider.

Protect your Privacy

Many homes are fitted with ‘frosted glass’ windows; the idea being that the windows protect your privacy and yet still allow natural light into the room. This is all well and good, but for many people, the slight blur that frosted glass creates is simply not enough, especially at night when your bathroom is illuminated and your neighbours are treated to a rather intimate silhouette. By adding a thick, easily drawn blind to your bathroom you can safely bathe and freshen up knowing you have complete privacy.

Light Adjustment

Bathroom blinds often retract right up into the ceiling when open, so you needn’t worry about compromising natural light in your bathroom. They can also help preserve accessories such as wall-hung pictures, bathmats and towels. You may have noticed that accessories in rooms which get a lot of sunlight seem to fade quite easily. With blinds, you can adjust them to let as much light in as you like, whereas with curtains you’re stuck with either full darkness or complete sunlight.
bathroom with window blinds

Help yourself Relax

For those who like to enjoy a little ‘me time’ and unwind in their bathroom, adding a blind to shut out harsh light can have a wonderful effect on your relaxing time. Light a few candles, let down your blind and escape from the monotonous day-to-day routine of workplaces, gyms and traffic jams.


Blinds are not only useful for their light-blocking capabilities; they also act as a fantastic bathroom accessory and can contribute to a theme or colour scheme wonderfully. The range of materials, colours and styles that blinds are available in make it possible to contribute to the theme of any bathroom; be it vintage, natural or contemporary. For example, a bright and summery bathroom which is made up of light greens or blues would benefit from natural wooden textures, whereas a modern and contemporary bathroom which is made up of black, white and chrome tones would be more better-suited to metallic aluminium blinds.

Going A Step Further

You can even co-ordinate your blind to various bathroom furniture and fixtures. Traditional cottage bathrooms can benefit from having wooden blinds which match the surface of the bathroom cabinets; whereas chrome tap fixtures tie in well with metallic blinds.

When selected carefully, bathroom blinds can prove to be one of the best purchases for your bathroom. Privacy is incredibly important and frosted glass isn’t always the most reliable at shielding your outline, so it’s worth investing in an attractive set of blinds to enhance your bathing experience!

This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Bathshop321 who retail a range of attractive yet affordable bathroom suites and other accessories.

Weighing up the merits of two very similar items – in terms of function anyway – like curtains vs. blinds isn’t as straightforward as it appears. While of course there are some obvious differences (materials, the qualities of these materials) there are a few distinct nuances which could sway your opinion over which really is best for you.

Addressing this practicality – as opposed to looking at aspects such as price – is a sure fire way to determine which really is best for you: curtains or shutters?

Made to fit

Curtains – There are very few instances where you’re likely to buy curtains from a store, pre-packaged, where they’re likely to fit first time. All windows differ in drop and width, so it can be difficult to guarantee a first-time fit. It’s more likely that you’ll have to cut curtains to fit yourself, or order them from a specialist, to make sure they’re the right size from the off.

Shutters – Okay, buy off-the-shelf shutters and you’ll have exactly the same situation as curtains. Many won’t fit to start, so you’ll require something bespoke, unless you fancy cutting these down to size too – which isn’t as easy because of the hard components bound into shutters. Then again, sewing isn’t easy either.

Round one: a tie



Curtains – Having an efficient block between you and the outside world is one of the main reasons you’re investing in new curtains or blinds, however, curtains don’t fare so well when we look at this quality. That’s because only the heaviest, thickest curtain drapes can help keep the light out and your home warm. Anything too thin and you’ll need curtain nets or a double layer to keep the heat in.

Soundproofing-wise, curtains don’t quite cut it. Due to the space around/between them, sound can still easily project outward when the windows are wide open.

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ShuttersShutters on the other hand, blackout ones especially, do amazingly well at keeping out light and keeping in sound and heat. When shutters are completely closed, you pretty much have another wall there. Even some of the lower priced and cheap shutters have the ability to bounce sound back into the room, rather than dumb-it-down, like curtains.

White wooden shutters especially are winners in this category, as they’ll reflect light from the outside, meaning your property won’t become overly warm; while the white on the inside will reflect your bedroom light back in.

Round two: a clear winner – shutters.


Ease of use

Curtains – The most usable and understandable window dressing probably ever. Curtains, without a draw string, work by simply being pulled. You have enough control to change the amount of coverage you want vertically speaking, but not horizontally. The only downside to this is that the light defuses into one concentrated spot of the room, not the whole room. Although you can see out of the whole window if you wish.

Shutters – Most shutters operate with a shutter cord/handle (unless you have a motorized one), which is low down and easy to reach – this is a plus. However, you don’t have as much vertical flexibility unless your shutters can also be rolled up.

Round three: all things considered, this has to be a tie too, meaning shutters are the practical winner!


About Author:-
Carlos Carver is an interior decor consultant. He says buying Wooden Shutters to be quite an investment. Choose a wood that matches your furniture, and add instant elegance to anywhere. If you’re in the UK, he recommends which provides easy to understand information how to make the right choice on Wooden Shutters to look your window different from other and attractive. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow his team for 140-character tips!

Finding new accessories to add fresh style and color to your bathroom can have a wonderful effect on the room. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour or have a particularly nosey neighbour, bathroom blinds can be practical, stylish and sophisticated. If you’re considering having made-to-measure blinds fitted in your bathroom then here’s some advice to consider. Continue reading “”

Decorative drapery hardware is much more than simply a functioning piece of hardware to hang curtains on, block the sun, or for privacy in the house.  Nowadays, it is a decorative element for your house or office.  

These collections include rods, finials, brackets, holdbacks, regular rings / C rings, and clips to hold onto the fabrics. Separately, they’re quite boring, and during the shopping process, it can be extremely hard to imagine their impact on the finished project. However, they’re well worth the time – after all, beauty is in the details, right?

Below we’ll look at some of them and explore options for your home or office windows:


Drapery or window curtain rods are most often mounted on either a 3 or 4″ above the window frame.  If the appearance you’re after is much more layered, consider a double bracket that allows 2 completely different window treatment options to be used on 1 bracket.  The front pole can have a decorative faux silk fabric while the more concealed pole will hold a light filtering sheer.  This allows the house owner to get the amount of privacy they desire from totally black out to more of a romantic filtered light coming in with the sheer. A perfect blend of curtains.


Many decorators consider the finial window jewelry.  They’re interesting pieces and their variety of styles can add tons of personality to even the simplest rods. Adding a different looking drapery finials to a rod can fully change the look and feel of the room in an instant.  Metal tends to be more contemporary while wood lends itself to a warmer traditional feel. An upcoming style in the design community is to use a glass finial on a basic metal rod to complement a decorative sheet fabric.


If you are a very good card player then what plan do you have if the games become tougher to beat?

Drapery rings are a simple way of connecting a drape fabric to the rod. They help larger sections slide up and down the rod with ease while adding a designer tough to the window. Rings with eyelets are the most popular, while decorative rings with clips which are becoming very popular due to the easyness of connecting the materials to the clips.


Here are some excellent decorative components to finish any drape treatment: holdbacks. A merely functional piece, designed originally to hold the central part of the drapery fabrics open, nowadays they have more of a decorative element to a window.

Other Places to use Drapery Hardware

  • Use painted or metal holdbacks as a towel hook in a backroom
  • Place an odd variety of finials across the top of window with draping scarves / fabrics over the top
  • Use a decorative finial as a holdback next to a window
  • Place a mixture of rods to show tapestries or rugs on walls

With this newfound knowledge of drapery hardware, go experiment and have some fun designing the perfect window treatment for yourself.

This article was contributed by Lifestyles Home Decor who are experts in drapery hardware.

What You Need To Know About Roller Blinds

We now have more choice than ever with how we can decorate our homes and with the Internet the specialist suppliers are only a click away. Window coverings have not changed a lot over the years but the ranges, colors and textures have increased massively.

One area that has grown a lot is in the roller blind world. Today’s roller blinds are much more user friendly and look a lot neater around window frames. There are four main types of roller blinds that are available on the market: Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Roller Blinds”