The Benefits of Motorized Blinds in Your Home

Manual shades and blinds can be such a pain. Sometimes they can be in unreachable locations so that they either have to be permanently closed and keep the room dark, or open so that the sun blinds you when you’re doing trying to get something done.  Either way, the choices don’t seem all that fun and that’s why motorized blinds were invented: it’s for the convenience of the homeowners to open and close their blinds with a simple press of a button.

Window Blinds in Ashville

Advantages of Motorized Blinds

  • Convenience: When window blinds are hard to reach, we tend to just neglect the window shade altogether and keep the room dark throughout the day. With motorized blinds, however, you can conveniently control the light, the heat, and the view of any cozy room in your home. If you ever want to adjust the shades, but you’re in the middle of something else on the other end of the room, you can conveniently press a button while still sitting and the motors will do the work for you.
  • Luxury: Sunlight can add a beautiful touch to any room of the house, but sometimes too much sun can be harmful to the furniture, wood floors, and even artwork settled on the walls. With the easy adjustment in motorized blinds and shades, you can protect your interiors against the harsh UV rays throughout the day.  It can also prevent that annoying glare on the TV and computer screens for your comfort.
  • Control: With motorized blinds, you can adjust the blinds to match the setting, or rising, sun from the comfort of your couch.  It gives you complete control over the light and heat level of any room and also let’s you choose between a beautiful view, or a little privacy after the setting sun.

Manual to Automatic

Motorized blinds and motorized shades make it much easier for you to adjust the blinds of your home. If you’re looking for an upgrade Carolina Blinds can help you purchase and install any kind of blinds you want like: cellular shades, pleated shades, roman shades, sheer shades, horizontal blinds, skylight blinds, solar screens, curtains and draperies. For the best window blinds in Ashville, stop by Carolina Blinds and take your pick for the most beautiful décor to add to your home!


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The Somfy Brand & Carolina Blinds: Motorized Window Treatments

When it comes to ease and convenience in window treatments, homeowners can’t go past the brand name, Somfy. At Carolina Blinds, we stand by Somfy and their ability to provide comfort to our customers. Whether it’s motorized window blinds in Asheville and surrounds or shades and shutters, we can help you make the right choice.

From blinds to shutters, shades to awnings, Somfy manufactures specialized motors and electronic control units for home window treatments. For over thirty years Somfy has been supplying top quality motors to rolling shutters; exterior solar screens; drapes, blinds; and, shades to make lives so much easier and safer.

Somfy provides remote control devices. Their motors also have weather sensors that detect certain changes in the sun, wind or temperature. Their products also have timers and can be remote controlled via the internet for peace-of-mind when away from the home.

When purchasing a Somfy motorized window treatment, you are also buying:

  • Shading. Shades can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day to keep the sun out or the slats tilted when you need light.
  • Privacy. You can also program the blinds to close at night automatically.
  • Security. Motorized functions make it look like someone’s home if the blinds are moved.
  • Comfort. Motorize blinds make life much easier and comfortable than having to keep moving window furnishings around all day.
  • Ease of Use. Great for blinds when you can’t reach, such as skylights.
  • Protection. Somfy motors help to protect from the sun and storms.

At Carolina Blinds, we specialize in remote window treatments and meet clients at home, take samples, measure, order and confirm shipping prior to delivery. We have our own staff to install our blinds. For all your Somfy motorized window treatment needs in Hendersonville, Asheville, Brevard and most of Western North Carolina, you can’t go past our experienced team at Carolina Blinds. Having been in business since 1992, we have significant knowledge about motorized window blinds in Asheville and surrounds.

Learn more about how Carolina Blinds can motorize your window blinds in Asheville!

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas’ headquarters has been in New Jersey for more than 60 years and they are the largest maker of custom-made window treatments in the industry. Their principles are simple, but effective.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hunter Green
  • Quality & Innovation
  • Child Safety
  • Dealer Experience
  • Motorization
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Hunter Douglas has the largest selection window treatments custom built expressly for your windows. Their window dressings are all manufactured in the U.S. according to the highest standards of quality.

Hunter Douglas’ has multiple product lines, such as Silhouettes, Vignettes, Duettes, and Country Woods. And each line carry’s multiple different items, so all of your window dressings can match!


Featuring the Signature S-Vane™, Silhouette® window shadings transform sunlight into remarkable beauty. Suspended between two sheers, the fabric vanes offer precise lighting control.


Shades either roll up or stack, while innovative lifting systems and design options make it possible to cover almost any window. Fabrics are 100% polyester for lasting beauty and increased energy efficiency.


Duette® honeycomb shades are the industry’s proven leader in both style and innovation. Four different kinds of fabric opacities from sheer to opaque maximize light control and privacy.

Country Woods

Country Woods® Exposé™ fashion-forward collections of wood blinds coordinate with today’s hottest new design trends. Furniture-quality finishes consist of distressed or aged woods, hand-glazed finishes, multi-colored stains and enhanced grain patterns.

Sheers – Their collection includes shadings, sheers, louvers and panels and features a wide selection of soft fabrics, including opaque, translucent and semi-sheer materials

Shades – Offering stylish design, energy efficiency, sun protection and privacy, Hunter Douglas shades beautifully cover virtually any window.

  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Honeycombs Shades
  • Horizontal Shades
  • Vertical Shades

Honeycombs – Innovator of the first honeycomb shade, Hunter Douglas continues to offer the best in class with a honeycomb shade collection that delivers the industry’s highest energy-efficiency rating.

Blinds – Ideal for horizontal and vertical windows and representing the industry’s largest selection of genuine woods, aluminum, vinyl and fabrics, Hunter Douglas sets the gold standard for window blinds.

  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

Shutters – More than a classic look that never goes out of style, Hunter Douglas custom shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy.

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