Drapes at Carolina Blinds: Facts and Selection

Drapes are traditional window dressings and are still the most popular amongst many homeowners. Despite this, shades, shutters and window blinds in Asheville are also a common choice. Depending on where you are located, drapes are often considered to be different to curtains. Drapes are usually of better quality; more costly; more durable; and, made of heavier types of fabrics. You will often find drapes coupled with net or sheer curtains for privacy and light.

Drape Facts

  • Drapes tend to be more tailored to your window.
  • Can be pleated, smocked and gathered. Pleated drapes are pleated at the top of the curtain – also called a header.
  • Drapes are often attached by hooks to curtain rods.
  • They usually have pull cords that pull the drapes across, although motorized drapes are available.
  • The sway on a drape is the fabric that drapes over the curtain rod. It can also be attached to a board that sits across the top of the window.
  • Jabots are fabric parts on a drape that fall at the sides of the windows. They can either be attached to the sway or can be separate.
  • The valance hangs across the top of the window and generally hides the curtain rod and hooks. It can be a free sitting piece of fabric or can sit on a board. Three common types of valances are: standard, blouson and scarf.



Selecting Drapes

When selecting drapes, here are some things to consider:

  • Energy Efficiency. How well do they stop the warm air from escaping in winter and the cold air in summer?
  • Privacy. How much privacy are you after?
  • Light Control. If you really need blackout drapes, don’t settle for less.
  • Appearance. You can get drapes custom made to blend in with your home.
  • Fire Retardant. For many homeowners, fire resistance is an important quality.

Drapes are the perfect solution for many homeowners. With motorized drapes, homeowners are assured of savings in heating and cooling costs. At Carolina Blinds, we specialize in remote window treatments to provide our customers with the most energy efficient solutions. Having been in business since 1992, our name is associated with quality brands throughout America. We cover Hendersonville, Asheville, Brevard and most of Western North Carolina. So, if you need drapes, shutters, shades or window blinds in Asheville and the surrounding areas, be sure to drop in and see us.


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