6 Excellent Design Ideas For Curtains In Your Kid’s Room

Curtains play a very important role in your home. You always tend to spend money in them wisely and with great thought. The reason being, curtains defines the lifestyle of the room. For example, in study you need dark color curtains, so as to increase the concentration while in bedroom you need light color and vertical stripes to make the room look big and spacious. This means you should never ignore the curtains in kid’s room. Whether it’s an infant or a teenager, you would need the perfect curtains in Asheville to set the mood of the kid in room. You also need to have appropriate size texture and patterns.

You can have lots of cartoons characters or animal prints. In fact if you have a theme based room, like a palace, you need to have curtains accordingly. Try and find out about the choice of your kids, choose if they want cars, princess or a baseball theme. If they are happy with the interiors, they will enjoy more in their room.

Kid Curtain Tips

1. Choose bold prints and colors to help them get lively in their room. These expressive Window treatments in Asheville will also encourage your children to get creative and feel energetic the whole day.

2. Always have washable fabric. Kids can spoil curtains by spilling milk or wiping their dirty hands with it. You will have to wash them on much frequent basis than any other room. Thus, choose a durable and washable fabric.

3. Go with curtains which are transparent. This way they will get proper sunlight which is essential for growth of child. Also, throughout the day they will not feel gloomy but energetic.

4. The next most important thing is length. Perfect length is a must for curtain. If too long then kids will tend to fall all over it and too short will make your room look shabby. Keep them 6 inches above the flooring.

5. Next you need to choose the correct curtain rod. Wooden curtain rods give a cozy and traditional look. You can also choose from various metal curtain rods which are stylish and trendy. Do not leave them hanging otherwise kids will pull cords and accident can happen. Try and get creative with them like have it in shape of fishing rod or tree branch. It will make your kid happy.

6. You can also choose various kinds of accessories like curtains tiebacks, hooks, rings, tassels. There are so many varieties available in them to choose. For a pop of color, you can choose tiebacks of contrasting colour or different fabric then the curtain. Likewise, tassels offer style to kid’s room. You can have one with lots of colour and cartoon characters. This will make the curtain eye-catching.

Get Creative

If you really want to get creative then you can also go for homemade curtains. When you will put in so much effort then the results will definitely be fruitful. This way you will have a one of a kind curtain which will welcome kids with warmth and love.

And don’t forget; Carolina Blinds can make custom curtains too, just in case you want something unique but are not as crafty as some people.

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