A Brief History Of Window Blinds

window blinds in AshevilleToday, we see all kinds of window treatments in various homes throughout the world, some of the best being blinds in Asheville, but have you ever stopped to think about where these great inventions came from? They appear throughout history a lot more than you probably think.

Blinds have been around for a long time and essentially for one purpose: to disable someone from being able to see inside. From even the first types of blinds privacy was the ultimate goal.

Ancient Cultures And Their Blinds

Tons of cultures had developed their own types of blinds through the centuries and remains suggest blinds had been used by tribes all over the world.

  • Egypt: Ancient Egyptians would tie together reeds to place over their windows to block the view of others.
  • China: In China, bamboo was used in a similar manner and is still used today in some areas of Asia.
  • In the Desert: In order to keep cool, people who lived in the desert would not only make blinds out of cloth, they would wet the blinds to make it cooler inside.
  • Medieval Times: Even back in the Dark Ages blinds were used to block out light. People of wealth would have more elaborate and decorative window treatments and even include blinds around their beds to protect them from any breeze that may blow in.

Blinds Through Time

Like most things way back, blinds were all over the place, but there were very few ways of documenting them. Since shelter was invented, we are sure blinds and window treatments were used, and in some instances blinds have been recorded being in images, paintings and articles.
  • 1761 – St. Peter’s Church.
  • 1767 – First known advertisement for wooden blinds in the “New World”.
  • 1787 – Blinds appeared in the painting “The Visit of Paul Jones to the Constitutional Convention”.

Your Blinds In Asheville

After the 20th century blinds were becoming more common and new advancements in window treatments continued to flourish. Even today you see different materials coming out, increasing the functionality we get from our blinds. With all the different blinds out there, it’s important that you get the best quality. After all, you want your window treatments in Asheville to protect your home and last long diovan 160 mg. Asheville Window Blinds are just what you need!

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