Choosing the Perfect Motorized Window Blind Product

motorized window blinds in ashevilleHere at Carolina Blinds, we are proud to be one of the few window blinds company in Asheville that offers motorized window blinds! With great quality Somfy products, we can install motorized blinds in your home as easy as it is to use them. Did you know, though, that depending on your motorized window blind settings, there are a ton of different products to choose from? That’s why you should think about these questions before you install your motorized window Life online streaming

Important Questions to Ask

  • Number Being Controlled: How many motorized blinds would you like to control at one time? 1, 2-4, or more?
  • Type of Control: Depending on the local controls, you will need a certain product for your motorized blinds. So what will it be? Wireless wall mounted switch, handheld remote control or would you rather have both?
  • Program the Blinds: Would you like to program the operation of your window blinds ahead of time? You can have an option to set a timer or allow your motorized window blinds to open/shut by the sun or temperature. And of course, if you don’t want either of these programs, you have the option to get a product that has neither of them diovan medication. You also have the option to control the motorized window blinds with the Internet or integrate, both, or even none of them. It’s up to you.

motorized window blinds in ashevilleSo Many Options to Choose From!

If you want to control 1 motorized blind with a wireless wall-mount switch and have a timer option then a DecoFlex Wirefree RTS 1 Wall Switch is the perfect option for you.  But, of course, there are so many options to choose from so it’s important to talk to your Asheville window blind store. Carolina Blinds would be happy to talk with to and choose the best Somfy product for your motorized window blinds.

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