Home by Alta Blinds in the Comfort of Your Home

window blinds in AshevilleKathy Ireland Home by Alta has a huge selection of different window blinds and window shades to choose from. Home by Alta Products have had the best quality, well-priced blinds for more than 30 years, and they’re products have only improved over the ages. Their goal is style and safety, while also greatly considering light control, insulation, and privacy for you.

Selecting the right window blinds for your home can be a difficult challenge on the Outer Banks. Home by Alta gives you many options so it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for fine furniture look for your windows, wooden blinds would be the perfect option to look into because that’s what they’re known for.

Facts about Wood Blinds

  • Similar construction and operation to aluminum blinds.
  • Offered in specially treated 1 3/8”, 2” and 2 3/8” slates.
  • Available in a variety of stains, paints and finishes.
  • Solid or decorative woven cloth tapes can be added to match the room.
  • Can be used in a den, living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen.

window blinds in AshevilleKey Benefits

  • Excellent light control
  • Warm, and natural appearance
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Economical alternative to shutters
  • A great fine furniture appearance

Home by Alta window blinds are a great option to add to your home. The wood blinds can easily add to an elegant, fine furnished good and would be a choice you wouldn’t regret. Stopping by a window blinds distributor in Asheville would give you a great advantage to see if these blinds would be right for you. Carolina Blinds would be happy to answer any question you have when it comes to Home by Alta products so don’t hesitate to ask!

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