The Difference In Blinds, Shutters & Everything In Between.

asheville window blindsSo, you’re considering some new window blinds, but everyone you’ve talked to has told you you need blinds, shutters, curtains, shades, and everything in between. It can be a little confusing understanding all of these different types of window treatments, but don’t let it drive you too crazy! We’d like to go over a few differences in the major types of window coverings and their main uses.

Our blinds in Asheville are the best around, and when you come in to get what you want we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have at the time, but isn’t it a good idea to know a little bit about these things to have something in mind when you’re ready to make a purchase? Well, we think so. After all, there’s something you’re looking for, whether it’s to block out the sun, keep in heat, or protect your windows, and you should know what things will accomplish it.

Different Window Treatments

Blinds: Blinds are either horizontal, or vertical, consisting of slats that can be tilted up and down to let different amounts of light in. Binds can also be lifted up and down (or side to side, for vertical blinds) to completely uncover the window.

Shades: Window blinds and window shades are very similar, and can be easily mixed up. Unlike window blinds, window shades have slats that do not tilt. Shades can only be pulled up or down.

Shutters: A lot of homes have wooden flaps on both sides of their windows, or open on the top. These are shutters, and are meant to protect the windows from weather damage, as well as block out most all light.

Curtains: Curtains come in various styles and designs, but are generally some form of fabric that hangs over your blinds or shades as decoration, and to help keep light out or protect from a draft.

Now, these are just a few major types of window treatments out there, and all of them have various styles and designs that serve even more direct function. Some blinds and shades in Asheville may keep light out well, but based on what they are made out of, may not keep in heat.

It’s important that once you decide on a type of window treatment that you then pick a material that will further help. Shutters, for example, last longer with a more durable material. It’s all up to you and what you want for your windows.


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