Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Window Shades in Asheville

Hunter Douglas is one of the many quality products that Carolina Blinds offer.  And they definitely make a great quality window shade. The Alustra Duette honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas is one example of the great window shades offered. Check out the video here:

Details of the Honeycomb Window Shade

  • Material: All products are made with fabric
  • Pleat size: 1 ¼” single cell
  • Color Options: 40 combinations to choose from to match your beautiful room!
  • Privacy/Light Control: You have the option from complete sheer, to full opacity, or somewhere in between!
  • Special Shape Options: Bay and Corner windows, sliding glass doors, top-down/bottom-up, French doors, and cut out shapes.
  • Operating Systems: UltraGlide Retractable cord system, clutch operated continuous loop, or LiteRise cordless system
  • Motorized window shade options: 2.0 battery-operated remote control, or hard wired (wall switch or remote)
  • Other details: Soil and dust resistant, uniform exterior appearances, superior energy efficieny, and 90-99% UV Protection.

window blinds in AshevilleHelp from the Experts

These options might be confusing at first, if you’re a first time window shade shopper, but it shouldn’t worry you because Carolina Blinds can easily help! Our experts can answer any question about any product that we offer.

There is an endless selection of honeycomb window shade designs to choose from. If you’re looking to purchase honeycomb window shades, we would be happy to help you find the perfect match. Stop by our window blinds store in Asheville and take a look at our huge selection!

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