Coverings For All Window Types

window blinds in AshevilleWith windows you will find there are tons of types. With each window types comes a style it will look best in. For all your Asheville window treatment needs you want only the best! We have some great ideas for you today.

Treatment Options For:

  • French Doors: are beautiful and should really be thought of as a window and not a door. A light filtering shade is perfect to fill in natural light or you can completely block out light with a honeycomb shade. Wooden shades are also a great option because you have a few levels or light control at your disposal.
  • Skylights: You certainly can keep your skylights open, but if you decide that you need a little covering for it, we have a few tips for you. Think about using insulating shades which block out heat and cold but let light in.
  • Arched Windows: Honeycomb shades are a very popular window treatment and fit most circular arch ways. Horizontal blinds work well also.
  • Bay Windows: The best thing about bay windows is that just about anything will do, it just depends on the style of the room and what you want to do in it generic diovan.
  • Nice Views: With a window with a nice view you want something that allows you to see as much of the outside as possible so pick a shade that pulls up tightly.
  • Sliding Doors: Get an Asheville shade that is easy to open and close, as well as maneuver through. Vertical shades are a great choice for all size doorways.
  • In The Front: Windows in the front of the house need a certain touch because they will be seen by everyone passing by your home or place of business.

We’ve Got All You Need

When it comes to shades and blinds in Asheville, we’ve got what you need. From blinds to curtains and shades, you can find everything you need at Carolina Blinds.

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    1. Amazing how these pictures tuernd out. I think we should print and frame the bottom one. I can’t wait to take you back to Asheville, there is so much we didn’t see The Grove Park Inn, The Farmer’s Market, the museums the alcoves of other shops the music scene. Next time we stay over night and do it right!

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