Cellular and Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular and Honeycomb Blinds in Asheville

Cellular blinds are blinds which are made from cells which are designed to expand to cover a window, and collapse when the blinds are opened. The blinds can be made from fabric, paper, and other durable and flexible materials, and they come in a range of styles and colors. Cellularblinds may also be known as honeycomb shades or honeycomb blinds. They are an excellent design choice and even help with energy costs because they can act as insulators against heat and cold.

The Popular Shade

Cellular blinds are very popular. Their extreme durability and attractive look easily pushes them to the forefront of window dressing treatments. Unlike some other types of shades, cellular shades are available in vertical as well as horizontal, making them perfect for sliding glass doors.

Cellular shades can be customized in a variety of ways. They can be ordered in any size between 3/4″ all the way to 1 and 1/4″  cells. They can come in single, double or even triple cell construction with sheer, light-filtering or blackout fabrics. Add to that your choice of textures and colors, and you have the potential for thousands of different types of cellular shades!

Multitude of Choices

Honeycomb shades can have a wide variety of different options. Some of them include:

  • Lift Mechanism – Choose from standard cord pull, continuous loop, cordless, or motorization (battery or hardwired)
  • Available in top down, bottom up
  • Available as Dual Shades – one shade for darkness, one for privacy, all on one head rail.
  • Dozens of colors and textures!
  • Hardware can be color coordinated or covered in fabric

Screen Printing

One of the newest service we offer for cellular shades is screen printing. Bring in any photo or picture you like, and we’ll reproduce it for you on the shade! You can turn any window into an awesome view just by pulling the shades down. Instead of your neighbors house, pull the shades down for a nice tropical view! Or a mountain range, a desert, a river valley; whatever you want!

Carolina Blinds in Asheville

At Carolina Blinds in Asheville, we offer a wide range of shades, including cellular or honeycomb shades. We’ll come to your home and measure the windows ourselves to ensure a perfect fit. No matter what look you want for your home, we can help you find it.

Finding new window shades in Asheville has never been easier with Carolina Blinds!

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