Only The Best Products For Your Window Treatments In Asheville

If you’re looking for good window treatment products then you’ve found the right place! Our window treatments in Asheville are the best around, and we provide only the best brand names for our customers. Check out all these great products we carry! After all, you want your shutters and blinds to last, and for such durability you need the best materials and brands available! We’ve got all your window needs covered!

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Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Window Shades in Asheville

Hunter Douglas is one of the many quality products that Carolina Blinds offer.  And they definitely make a great quality window shade. The Alustra Duette honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas is one example of the great window shades offered. Check out the video here:

Details of the Honeycomb Window Shade

  • Material: All products are made with fabric
  • Pleat size: 1 ¼” single cell
  • Color Options: 40 combinations to choose from to match your beautiful room!
  • Privacy/Light Control: You have the option from complete sheer, to full opacity, or somewhere in between!
  • Special Shape Options: Bay and Corner windows, sliding glass doors, top-down/bottom-up, French doors, and cut out shapes.
  • Operating Systems: UltraGlide Retractable cord system, clutch operated continuous loop, or LiteRise cordless system
  • Motorized window shade options: 2.0 battery-operated remote control, or hard wired (wall switch or remote)
  • Other details: Soil and dust resistant, uniform exterior appearances, superior energy efficieny, and 90-99% UV Protection.

window blinds in AshevilleHelp from the Experts

These options might be confusing at first, if you’re a first time window shade shopper, but it shouldn’t worry you because Carolina Blinds can easily help! Our experts can answer any question about any product that we offer.

There is an endless selection of honeycomb window shade designs to choose from. If you’re looking to purchase honeycomb window shades, we would be happy to help you find the perfect match. Stop by our window blinds store in Asheville and take a look at our huge selection!

Purchase Hunter Douglas Products for Federal Tax Credit 2011!

Hunter Douglas is just one of the many window brands that Carolina Blinds offer. And lucky for you, purchasing selected Hunter Douglas energy efficient products give you a chance for a Federal Tax Credit of up to $500 in 2011! You can enjoy big energy savings with some of Hunter Douglas’ most energy efficient and beautiful window products while qualifying for a Federal tax credit: there’s no way you can lose here!

window blinds in AshevilleHow Can You Get the Tax Credit?

You first need to buy any of the spectacular qualifying energy efficient Hunter Douglas products with these collections:
Alustra Duette Architella honey comb shades: distinguished by 1¼” pleats and exclusive sheers and hardware finishes. The Architella fabrics offer enhanced energy efficiency.
Duette Architella honeycomb shades: these shades have a state-of-the-art, patented, honeycomb design that offers a high level of energy efficiency also. Reduces energy loss by up to 50%.
LiteRise Trimkit: You can use this on certain Duette and Applause honeycomb shades.

After your purchase, make sure that you save your original receipts for the amount that you paid for these qualifying products (excluding installation charges). Using the Hunter Douglas Manufacturer’s Certification Statements, take it with you to your tax professional to determine eligibility.

Need Any Help?Hunter Douglas Window blinds in Asheville

All qualifying products must be bought and installed before December 21, 2011 for eligibility. If you have any questions about this offer, Carolina Blinds is happy to help! Just stop by our store for window blinds in Asheville and get all the details.

Window Blind Design Trends for Spring 2011

You’d think that window blinds and shades selection in Asheville would be a piece of cake: not too many unique styles to choose from, right? Interestingly enough, after you do your homework, you find out that you’re completely wrong. Luckily, design trends go in and out of fashion to help you figure out which styles you should try in the coming months of spring 2011.Window blinds in Asheville

The Fabulous Design Trends

  • Daylight has been a must in the past, and it’s sticking to the list. Using certain shades like Silhouette shades can transform the sunlight into beautiful designs on the walls, while also giving you full control over how much sunlight seeps into the room.
  • Matching colors is another important must. Hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular and so picking a color in the rug and matching it with your window shades will make the space feel like a whole.
  • Motorized Blinds used to only be seen in the movies, but now it’s a huge hit for the masses. Using a wireless remote gives you ultimate control of lighting, heating, and cooling with motorized window blinds.
  • Cornices are the new (or old) crowning touch to beautiful window blinds. Italian for ledge, it’s a unique detail to your windows that provides an extra accent that draws the eye upward expanding the space of the room.
  • Going Green is another trend quickly catching on in 2011. Honeycomb shades, which are high in energy efficiency, would be a perfect choice for green grade windows.
  • Neutral colors are coming into play with so many bold wall colors. Neutral-colored shades make for subtle designs against strong colors like purples, greens, or stunning patterns. Neutral doesn’t mean just beige or white, though, soft grey and brown colors work just as well!

Talk to the Experts

Design trends become popular, and lose steam, frequently, but some can be a favorite to the masses for years and years, so make sure to consider window blinds that have a timeless sense to them. As the best window blinds in Asheville, Carolina Blinds can easily help you choose the most fashionable blinds for this coming spring.

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Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas’ headquarters has been in New Jersey for more than 60 years and they are the largest maker of custom-made window treatments in the industry. Their principles are simple, but effective.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hunter Green
  • Quality & Innovation
  • Child Safety
  • Dealer Experience
  • Motorization
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Hunter Douglas has the largest selection window treatments custom built expressly for your windows. Their window dressings are all manufactured in the U.S. according to the highest standards of quality.

Hunter Douglas’ has multiple product lines, such as Silhouettes, Vignettes, Duettes, and Country Woods. And each line carry’s multiple different items, so all of your window dressings can match!


Featuring the Signature S-Vane™, Silhouette® window shadings transform sunlight into remarkable beauty. Suspended between two sheers, the fabric vanes offer precise lighting control.


Shades either roll up or stack, while innovative lifting systems and design options make it possible to cover almost any window. Fabrics are 100% polyester for lasting beauty and increased energy efficiency.


Duette® honeycomb shades are the industry’s proven leader in both style and innovation. Four different kinds of fabric opacities from sheer to opaque maximize light control and privacy.

Country Woods

Country Woods® Exposé™ fashion-forward collections of wood blinds coordinate with today’s hottest new design trends. Furniture-quality finishes consist of distressed or aged woods, hand-glazed finishes, multi-colored stains and enhanced grain patterns.

Sheers – Their collection includes shadings, sheers, louvers and panels and features a wide selection of soft fabrics, including opaque, translucent and semi-sheer materials

Shades – Offering stylish design, energy efficiency, sun protection and privacy, Hunter Douglas shades beautifully cover virtually any window.

  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Honeycombs Shades
  • Horizontal Shades
  • Vertical Shades

Honeycombs – Innovator of the first honeycomb shade, Hunter Douglas continues to offer the best in class with a honeycomb shade collection that delivers the industry’s highest energy-efficiency rating.

Blinds – Ideal for horizontal and vertical windows and representing the industry’s largest selection of genuine woods, aluminum, vinyl and fabrics, Hunter Douglas sets the gold standard for window blinds.

  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

Shutters – More than a classic look that never goes out of style, Hunter Douglas custom shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy.

Learn more about how Carolina Blinds can motorize your window blinds in Asheville!