A Blind For Every Kitchen

A Blind for Every Kitchen

In most family households, the kitchen is the core and heart of the home; it provides a place for the whole family to come together for a sit down meal and spend some quality time together, as well as being the main storage area for all those tasty treats. It is important however, to keep your kitchen looking fresh, stylish and modern. Using contemporary colors, well-picked kitchen furniture and some hi-tech appliances, you can be sure that your family headquarters is looking good.

Replacing old curtains with stylish, modern blinds is a great way to add a finishing touch which adds to the room’s aesthetic value massively. No matter what style you have chosen to adopt in your kitchen, you can guarantee there will be an option for you which is sure to bring character and class of its own. From modern, contemporary kitchens to classic vintage designs, adding a blind which contrasts with the tone and ‘feel’ of the room nicely will give a fantastic result. Let’s take a look at a few stylish ways to apply modern blinds to achieve this superb finished product.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

If you like the feel of a more traditional, ‘cozy’ kitchen to enjoy your steaming soup in during winter, wooden blinds are sure to add tons of character to your kitchen. With a wide range of different finishes and stains (in both the wood and faux wood range) you can find a style and tone that complements your kitchen perfectly.

If your kitchen features warm colors and soft furnishings such as cushions, place-mats and rugs then the wooden blind look is perfect for you!


Aluminum Blinds

These metallic, modern blinds are perfect for the more contemporary looking kitchen. If you like being on the cutting edge of interior design and only wish to incorporate items which have a modern edge, then the metallic finish on these blinds is sure to bring the 21st century feel you are looking for.

Matching modern styles of chrome kitchen taps, steel cupboard handles, fittings and that must have stainless steel knife set, the aluminum blind is a must have for the contemporary kitchen.

Motorized Blinds

The ultimate in luxurious window treatment, motorized blinds are at the top of the window blind league. If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to close your blinds whilst cooking in the kitchen or sitting down to enjoy a meal with the family, this is certainly the answer.

The easy to use remote control allows for the instant shutting and opening, and with so many colors available, you can be sure there is a perfect match for your kitchen! Simply adjust the blinds wherever you are and impress your guests when entertaining my controlling the amount of natural light you allow in the kitchen without even going near the window!

Adding window blinds is a fantastic way to add character and style to any kitchen; from the classic/vintage kitchen to the modern and contemporary!

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